First Christian Church was founded in 1832 by Phillip Fall and has faithfully served its members and the community ever since. Our mission might best be described in the following statement…

First Christian exists to honor Jesus Christ as Lord!

  • We intentionally welcome seekers and encourage growth in grace
  • We cherish our children and youth, as well as persons of all ages and stages
  • We joyfully serve needs in our community and world

We rejoice in our unique role as a congregation which spans the differences in religious backgrounds and unites believers in the common confession of Christ as Lord and Savior

Although the Church’s mission hasn’t essentially changed since the day of Pentecost, we have to find our unique niche within the universal church. We strive to be a dynamic community of faith…

  • where seekers are welcome
  • where spiritual vision and positive outlook encourages growth in grace
  • where Jesus Christ is confessed and praised
  • where caring relationships are fostered in a high-touch environment
  • where discerning tolerance for diversity is intentionally cultivated
  • where there’s a consistently warm and welcoming attitude
  • where children and youth are cherished and loved
  • where all people are active in leadership
  • where a leadership trust level allows for fewer meetings and more ministry
  • where clergy don’t do all the ministering, because both ministers and members share a joyful sense of creative partnership with the Holy Spirit

We attempt to preach and practice a Christianity that is both faithful to the gospel and responsive to today’s world with its problems and possibilities.┬áTo learn more about the History of the Disciples of Christ as a denomination, go to www.disciples.org.