Your Wedding

We are delighted that you are considering First Christian as the possible place for your wedding!

For over 175 years, generations of Frankfort folks have found this sanctuary and our worshipping community a spiritual home and a magnificent place to share the blessings of marriage.  We believe that weddings are one of those major spiritual events that cause us all to look at our lives, listen to what our souls may be saying, celebrate our joys, and dedicate ourselves to the purpose for which we are created.

The very fact that you would choose to consider a Christian sanctuary as the setting for your ceremony says something important about how you value marriage and understand its spiritual significance.  We consider a wedding to be a sacramental moment, an occasion of highest worship, and conduct services in the spirit of this appreciation for The Holy.  Our ministry to couples is to enhance your awareness of the power of the divine moment, heighten your perceptions of the critical spiritual preparation that under-girds the ceremony itself, help you further develop your plans, and assist you in carrying them out.

Because so many of these goals are developed in consultation with the minister, we recommend that you contact our church hostess to determine if the date you want is available.  You will then need to contact one of our pastoral staff to determine their availability.  We will “pencil in” your wedding date on our church calendar, but your reservation is not considered “confirmed” until you have set a date with the Minister.   Your wedding will then be officially placed on the church’s calendar of events.  It is not unusual for a date to be reserved 6 to 12 months in advance.

We believe a wedding is a life-changing event that deserves thoughtful preparation, careful planning, wise counsel, and joyful celebration.  We begin with pre-marital counseling with our Minister.  The bride and groom will meet with the Minister on a pre-determined basis before the wedding to get acquainted, share dreams and ideas, learn more about the meaning of each portion of the ceremony discuss preferences and make selections.  You will also have the opportunity to learn more about the family dynamics surrounding the season of marriage, what adjustments are common to the first year of marriage, and gain guidance about how to establish your new life together around Christian principles.  If there are particular emotional, family, or spiritual concerns, this would be an excellent opportunity to address them.  A commitment to adequate time for this counsel will need to be made.  If you choose to have a celebrant other than a Minister on the First Christian staff, we encourage you to have your pre-marital counseling with that Minister.

 Member Wedding Policy Booklet 2015

Non Member Wedding Policy Booklet 2015